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It's a Marvelous Night for a MOON Dance!

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

When the Night is present with the Midsummer breeze's warm caress, that is the time you know that it's a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance. The tune by Mark Murphy, Bobby McFerrin and others has been an anthem of the joys of summer brought about by the wailing tones and melodies of the music called Jazz. Whether you are listening to the crooning bossa-nova of Michael Franks singing about "Popsicle Toes" under the pale moonlight, or better yet singing "Night Moves" from the classic "Sleeping Gypsy Album", we know that certain songs and energies cry to the primal Moon speak in all of us. Diana Muldaur's tune "Midnight at the Oasis" also invokes that quality of Moonlit nights filled with wonder, movement, music , and dance.

Whether it is the dancing of wild abandon, invoked by the Women who run with Wolves, or the smooth cha-cha, or waltz like steps of a man sweeping a woman in his arms and dancing ardently to the musical accompaniment of Mile Davis' and Gil Evans "Blue and Green" framed by that glowing white Orb shining in the Velvet dark skies sprinkled with diamonds that are actually stars,.... This feeling of these musics move us to passion, romance, and sensuality. That is what a Moon Dance is and can be. Its feeling is primal and omnipresent, but gentle like soft kisses on the neck, while at the same time being wanton, savage, and electric like steady drum of a heartbeat making your hairs rise quietly as the morning sun.

So when you see that glowing white ball in the Ebon skies of dusk and twilight fading into black, remember then, the musical memories it invokes, for that is the time that it is time for a MOON Dance!

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